Sango Corporate


We are producing automotive parts for the leading manufacturers in the automotive sector led by Toyota

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Main principles

Sango aims at embracing the future as a global automotive parts manufacturer. Our sole aim has been production since the first day of our establishment.

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Environmental Policy & Reports & CSR

° Too establish, document, implement and ensure the continuity of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in order to be able to manage the environmental issues arising out of our products and services during the production process of the exhausts and other accessories, systematically.

° Taking enforceable measures for the continuous development of the Environmental Management System and preventing environmental pollution.

° Acting in compliance with the national and local regulations on the environmental aspects as well as the customer requirements and Sango Japan’s directives.

° To reduce utilization of natural resources

° To make our suppliers aware of the Environmental Management System

° To prepare environmental reports and share them with the relevant parties

° We undertake to announce the environmental policy to all our employees and keep the policy open for access by the public.



 Sango TI Environment Report

 Sango TI Environment Policy   

 Sango TI ISO Certificate 14001:2015 

 Sango TI CSR Report