Steel Pipes

    Ø = 22mm - 65mm
    t = 1mm - 3,2mm
    L = 3,5m - 7m

Sango started pipe production for the first time in 1977 in Japan. It has 7 pipe production lines in total, including Japan and overseas countries. One of those lines is in the Turkish Plant.

In Sango´s Turkey plant, stainless steel pipes and steel pipes are manufactured using a high-frequency welding technique with the experience gained through many years of pipe manufacturing. A large portion of the pipes produced are used in the exhaust and door impact beams for our own production. Furthermore, we are selling pipes primarily to our customers in the automotive sector.

Upon request, the pipes are cut at varying lengths, the interior burrs are removed (min φ25mm), heat treatment is provided and drilling, shaping, choking and enlargement processes etc. are applied. Our pipe production range is as shown in the table below:

JIS SIZE   Ø 22,2     Ø 31,8   Ø38,1 Ø 38,6  
AISI SIZE Ø 22   Ø 25 Ø 30   Ø 32     Ø 65

JIS SIZE     Ø42,7     Ø 48,6     Ø 60,5
AISI SIZE Ø 35 Ø 42   Ø 45 Ø 48   Ø 54 Ø 60  
Pipe production 1
Pipe production 2
Pipe production 3