Sango Corporate


We are producing automotive parts for the leading manufacturers in the automotive sector led by Toyota

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Main principles

Sango aims at embracing the future as a global automotive parts manufacturer. Our sole aim has been production since the first day of our establishment.

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As control and improvement methods of Sango in Turkey;

• Just in time production

• Production planning and control with Kanban

•5S discipline

• Total production (TPS)

• Total quality (TQM)

• Total maintenance (TPM)

• Continuous improvement (Kaizen)

• Local perception (Genchi-Genbutsu)

Methods as control and improvement means.

Lines – Equipment

• Exhaust installation (welding)

• Door impact beam (welding)

• Instrument panel reinforcement

• Exhaust Manifold installation (welding)

• Muffler installation

• Spinning

• Brace

• Pipe bending and shaping

• Pipe line

• Heat treatment

• Pipe cutting

• Press line