Sango Corporate


We are producing automotive parts for the leading manufacturers in the automotive sector led by Toyota

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Main principles

Sango aims at embracing the future as a global automotive parts manufacturer. Our sole aim has been production since the first day of our establishment.

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Sango Global History

Jun 1928
Tsunekawa Ironworks founded. Stamping business begun
Sep 1934
Began business relationship with Toyoda Automatic Loom Works
Aug 1937
Began business relationship with Toyota Motor Corporation
Feb 1940
Added facilities for drawn and cold finished steel bar
Jun 1948
Name changed to Sango Manufacturing
Jun 1950
Incorporated to form Sango Co., Ltd.
Sep 1950
Completed Takakura Plant (later called Nagoya Plant, current site of ECO 35 facility)
Mar 1954
Began manufacture of exhaust systems (mufflers, exhaust assemblies)
May 1962
Established muffler and exhaust system technical center at Nagoya Plant and head office
Jun 1963
Completed Toyota City Plant
Dec 1965
Tooling Department reorganized as an independent company, Sanko Seiki Co., Ltd.
Aug 1967
Completed Miyoshi Plant
Oct 1970
Shipping Department reorganized as an independent company called Sanai Unyu Co., Ltd.
Jul 1971
Sanwa Koki was founded
Feb 1972
Began business relationship with Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
Apr 1973
Bulge processing department reorganized as an independent company called Shinwa Bulge Co., Ltd.
Aug 1973
Sanritsu Co., Ltd. was founded
Nov 1973
Completed Muffler and Exhaust System Technical Center at the Toyota Plant
May 1976
Introduced the Toyota Production System in Sango operations
Feb 1977
Tube mill installed
Nov 1984
Completed Takaoka Plant
Dec 1986
Completed Toyohashi Plant
Jan 1987
Joint venture (Arvin Sango, Inc.) was founded in the United States
May 1990
Completed Yawatayama Plant
Aug 1994
Completed Technical Center at Yawatayama Plant
Oct 1995
Takaoka Plant received the Director-General Award from the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
Nov 1995
TPM Prize of Excellence (highest rank) awarded to Automotive Parts Division
Apr 1996
Joint venture (YS Pund) was founded in Thailand
Jul 2000
Fukuta Plant received certification for ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)
Aug 2000
Miyoshi and Takaoka Plants received certification for ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)
Mar 2002
Sango Komeno Co., Ltd. was founded
Apr 2002
Sango Turkey, Inc. (STI) was founded in Turkey
Aug 2002
Completed the No. 3 Miyoshi Plant
Jan 2003
Sanpuku Co., Ltd. was founded in Kyushu
May 2003
Tianjin Sango Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in China
Aug 2004
Guangzhou Sango Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in China
Oct 2005
Group businesses Sanko Seiki and Shinwa Bulge were integrated into Sango Co., Ltd.
Feb 2007
Sango Hokkaido Co., Ltd. was founded
Mar 2008
Sango Mie Co., Ltd. was founded
Jun 2008
80th anniversary of company founding was celebrated
Nov 2008
Sango Kanto Co., Ltd. was founded
Apr 2010
Sango Mie and Sango Komeno merged (The new company was named Sango Mie)
Sep 2011
Arvin Sango Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of Arvin Sango, Inc. was founded in Canada
Apr 2012
PT. Sango Indonesia was founded in Indonesia
Apr 2012
Xiangyang Sango Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in China
Dec 2012
Sango India Automotive Parts Prv. Ltd. was founded in India