Sango Corporate


We are producing automotive parts for the leading manufacturers in the automotive sector led by Toyota

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Main principles

Sango aims at embracing the future as a global automotive parts manufacturer. Our sole aim has been production since the first day of our establishment.

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Human Resources Policy

Our human resources policy is “creating a work environment for working with a smile”. We are aiming at creating a young and dynamic staff, which strives towards the company’s targets, has the required equipment and fighting spirit and adapted to team work. We are targeting to strengthen the ties between the employees and company by a human-focused approach, social activities and industrial meetings. The human resources department serves with the approach that our foremost treasure is our “HUMAN RESOURCES”.

Recruitment process and available positions

The positions of the newly employed people by the company are determined through a two-stage interview and test by the human resources first and the relevant department manager thereafter inline with the expectations.

The personnel employed are allowed to work after a two-month orientation period by receiving the legal and in-company training.

The available positions are announced on the Internal portal and the applicants may apply through our web site or human resources portal.