Sango Corporate


We are producing automotive parts for the leading manufacturers in the automotive sector led by Toyota

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Main principles

Sango aims at embracing the future as a global automotive parts manufacturer. Our sole aim has been production since the first day of our establishment.

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Tianjin Sango Automotive Co. Ltd.

Adres 5-Wei Road Dongli Economic Development. Tianjin 300300 Çin
Year of establishment 5 May 2003
Parts produced Exhaust, Exhaust manifold, Impanel R/F, DIB, Pipe production
Number of employees 471 people
Telephone +86 22 5889 3535

YangYangSango Otomotiv Bujian LTD

Address No.A-2506 Wandaxiezilou, No.9 Changhongbei Road, Fancheng District, Xiangfang Hubei, 441100 China
Year of establishment 4 April 2012
Parts produced Exhaust manifold
Number of employees 37 people
Telephone +86 71 0327 3535

Guangzhou Sango Automotive Bujian LTD.

Address No.11 Shinan Road, Huangge Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, 511455 China
Year of establishment 8 Aug. 2004
Parts produced Exhaust, Exhaust manifold, Impanel R/F, DIB
Number of employees 576 people
Telephone +86 20 3497 3535